GreenEcoPeace Say's, The Shocking Truth German Cruise Ship

Cruise ships, may not be environmentally friendly to you and your kids. Swimming in the sea and building your favourite sand castle and moat by the shore, may not be all that healthy, after all.

Just 3 miles off of your favourite beach, luxury cruise ships are dumping their often untreated rubbish into the sea. This non environmentally friendly rubbish, which often consists of and in just one day alone, 21 thousand gallons of sewage, 1 ton of garbage, 170,000 gallons of waste water, 6400 gallons of oily bilge water and approximately 25 pounds of batteries, fluorescent lights, medical waste and expired chemicals.

This filth into the sea from luxury cruise liners will probably end up on the beach shore line, where you and your kids believe that swimming will not be a threat. Don't swallow the sea water.

Two cruise lines, The AIDA, Michael Thamm being the president and The TUI, Dr Michael Frenzal who is the chief executive, are German based and have just been made an example of.

Research by the Nature and Biodiversity conservation union (NABU). GreeenEcoPeace are very ocean anti pollution.