Australian Government Refuses Visa to Mr Chris Aultman

Email sent to Tony Burke MP 6th December 2011 Tony Burke MP

Dear Mr Burke,

We here at GreenEcoPeace are shocked that you have refused to give Mr Chris Aultman a visa to enter Australia. This person is a professional helicopter pilot of excellent character and does not have a criminal record.

It appears that you are deliberately putting obstacles in the way of the conservation group Sea Shepherd.

I met Paul Watson and his crew of conservationists in London and you couldn't have met a more dedicated and loyal crew to the whale. "I thought Mr Burke that you were on the side of the whale and not on the side of the Japanese whalers, who will be having a whale of a time killing them".

I thought Mr Burke, that you would be very interested in monitoring the fake scientific research being carried out in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary by the Japanese, or doesn't it really bother you the odd 1000 or so whales being killed by explosives being rammed into their sentient bodies and then leaving the whales in agony, screaming in pain, then dragging them on board the factory ship the Nisshin Maru, then chopping them up into pieces, for sale commercially, illegally, on the Japanese market. Doesn't it worry you that all this will be going on, as it has been for years, in Australian waters. Can you still sleep at night Mr Burke.

Why don't you Mr Burke, send out to the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary a vessel, with crew who can film the whole situation, thereby providing evidence for the court case, in the Hague, the court case that Australia is supposed to instigate against the Japanese whalers or Japan. (If it ever happens).

It's amazing what you promise in your elections and it's amazing what doesn't get done, in particularly to help the whale.

Think about it Mr Burke, the whale is very important to our eco system and a whale sanctuary means a whale sanctuary (protection for whales).

Don't just sit around Mr Burke, do something to show the world you care about the whale in your supposedly protected waters. The world is watching Australia, give Mr Chris Aultman, a visa now.

We here in the UK, are watching and we believe that your refusal not to issue a visa to Mr Chris Aultman, means that you are siding with the Japanese whale killers. Your visa refusal, for Mr Chris Aultman is all over the internet, show compassion for the whale, I know that the people of Australia adore the whale, I know this as I have talked to many Australians in London, they want this killing of the whales stopped in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Reverse your decision Mr Burke, show the world that you do care for the poor prehistoric defenceless whale. Show the world that you are not going to allow the Japanese to kill these priceless wonderful whales in your protected waters.

Thank you.

Kind regards


Special Note

Recently Mr Tony Burke condemded the Japanese decision to continue the annual aggresive whale hunt in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

So why Mr Burke, are you putting obstacles in the way of the conservationists, preventing them, from setting off, to save our whales. Every day counts.