21/02/2012 Australian Government, right now, is not stopping whale killing, Why?

Australian Customs VesselWhat's wrong with Australian government? Firstly, the Australian government says, that it is taking Japan to the International Court of Justice at the Hague in Holland, because Australia does not like whale killing and neither does Australia want it going on in their waters.

Then the opposition environment spokesman, Greg Hunt, warned the government from as early as December 2011, that it must send a customs vessel to the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Hunt goes on then to say, "we need to protect our waters, but the government, preferred to wave the white flag both to the protesters and the Japanese whalers". Hunt also said, "that it doesn't take legislation to send a customs vessel to the Antarctic Southern Ocean". Why does the Australian government oppose sending a patrol vessel, or naval vessel, to monitor or intervene in the whale killing? when it says, it is against whale killing.

The Greens party leader, Bob Brown, released a draft bill, that would have forced Labour to send a customs or naval vessel to the Southern Ocean to monitor future whale killing. Bob Brown called on the opposition and lower house cross bencher's, to help him pass it into law.

Senator Bob Brown, also renewed his call for the government to seek an interim injunction from the International Court of Justice, to pass the hunt, while it considers Australia's overall case.

Senator Bob Brown, Greens, also called for charges to be laid, against the captain of the Japanese harpoon vessel, the Yushin Maru No 3, which illegally entered Australian territorial waters at Macquarie Island, while tailing the conservation anti-whaling vessel, the Bob Barker.

This incident happened in the second week, in January 2012. Bob Brown, also said, "it should never have been invading Australia's territorial water", (the Japanese Yushin Maru No 3).

Bob Brown, the Greens leader, also said, "if the opposition takes the bill, I am very happy to talk about amendments, or changes, that they would wish to make, it certainly would pass the senate, it will take a couple of independents to ensure it passes the house and we'd be well able to have this legislation go through in the months of February or March".

Does the Australian government, really want to stop the whale killing? or, are they frightened of upsetting the Japanese.