22/02/2012 Japan Calls Environmental Activists Eco-Terrorists and Foreign Racists. Fake Research Vessel

Japan is obsessed with killing dolphins and whales and then theres the killing of endangered Blue fin Tuna and the scooping out of 1000's of tons of tuna generally. It is estimated that Japan's fishing fleet, takes up to 80% of the worlds fish, draining countries like Somalia, of all it's fish. Japan takes advantage of less powerful nations who can do nothing to stop them and they can't even fight back.

Countries then such as Somalia are now driven to hijacking ships and taking hostages to survive.

Whale killing in Japan, a highly developed nation, is not at all necessary any more and many younger people don't want to eat whale meat at all. There is 1000's of tons of unhealthy mercury infested whale meat in cold stores in Japan, it's just lying there and stock piled.

Japan is so obsessed with "environmental activists" that they call them "Eco-terrorists" and "foreign racists". Japan appears to be very evil towards conservationists, so much so that they will intervene nastily and jail them, if necessary with prefabricated evidence. Just ask Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace, they will tell you terrible stories of their peaceful conservationists being jailed.

The Japanese buy the support of smaller and poorer nation members of the IWC (International Whaling Commission) and are subsidized by the government. This probably costs more than the annual Japanese catch of whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is worth. The damage that whaling does to Japans global reputation is, from Tokyo's point of view, not even relevant.

Japan being defeated in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary could to them, be the thin edge of the wedge, despite world wide spread opposition, because then, the battle and world wide opposition, could easily move into a different direction. For instance, towards the worlds tuna fishing grounds, where the Japanese consume around 500,000 tons of tuna fish each and every year. The international attention could then, also be directed towards Japans annual slaughter of about 20,000 highly intelligent dolphins, which is carried out every year, (remember the Cove, the movie).  

Surrendering of the whaling and dolphin slaughter, would be perceived by the Japanese government, as a loss of their superior control. Every year the Japanese fishing boats haul in approximately 35,000 tons of Shark. As we all know, they are an arrogant nation, and we must remember that Japan cruelly treated our soldiers in the war and in the same way they cruelly treat our whales and dolphins with no remorse.

Japans - claim that it kills whales in the name of science is an exercise that serves no real purpose other than to allow members of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to save diplomatic face.

Japans institute for Cetacean Research, is yet to produce a single peer - review or single scientific paper.

Japan in the Second World War said, "they were the chosen ones and invincible".