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14/12/2011 Email to Mr Jim Paice MP

Jim Paice MP with his dogDear Mr Paice,

I wrote to you on 24th October 2010. I want to know what measures have been taken to label food in shops and supermarkets showing that meat has been slaughtered in the no-stunning Halal and Jewish way, ie. On labels, This animal (or bird) has been slaughtered by having it's throat cut and without being stunned.

Would you please be so kind, as to forward me a copy of the Regulations, 1099,2009.

You advised me over 12 months ago, that these regulations would come into force in about 12 months time. I understand 1st January 2013 is the date, that they will come into effect.

Now back to ethics again.

Muslims and Jews slaughter by the knife without stunning. This type of slaughter is barbaric and has no place in the 21st Century and you know this Mr Paice.

We don't hurt animals and cause them unnecessary pain in this country. We cannot allow people to continue their cruel ways, religion or no religion.

The average UK public is hoffied that this is going on and others don't know that it is going on and when you tell them about the religious slaughter and the meat that they may be eating, they are horrified. Mr Paice you cannot make any exemptions when cruelty is involved. The Muslims want Sharia law, but we don't give in to them, it's UK law only.

I strongly recommend, that you follow the paragraph in your letter to me which goes as follows:-

"the laws governing animal welfare at slaughter in both EU and UK require animals to be stunned before slaughter",

I also like what you say in the following paragraph of your letter, "we would prefer to see all animals stunned before slaughter". Now Mr Paice make a law enforcing this.

You cannot make an exception, when it comes to cruelty, for barbaric rituals, which go back years and years, in fact, over a thousand years.

You are a dog lover Jim, cut your dogs throat and watch him die, could you do it? I'll leave you to answer that question.

When people come into this country, or practice religions, they should comply with our UK no cruelty to animals laws.

Just before I close, I am given to understand that individual member states can impose stricter rules, or prohibit religious slaughter, from 1st January 2013, regulation 1002/2009, from this date is your chance to stop this barbaric cruelty.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I await your reply

Kind regards.

23/11/10 Email received from Jim Paice Minister of State for Agriculture and Food

Email Jim Paice

Email Jim Paice MP

Letter received from Andrew Rosindell MP

Letter from Andrew Rosindell MP 

Letter from Andrew Rosindell

Email received from Caroline Spelman's Office 

Dear Mr Marston, 

Thank you for your email of 25 October about religious slaughter. I have been asked to reply.
This is a complex and sensitive issue. We would like to see all animals stunned before slaughter but respect the rights of the Jewish and Muslim communities to express their religious beliefs.
We appreciate that this is an issue which people feel strongly about and we will be working with interested groups to find a way to address their concerns.  People should know what they’re buying in shops or when they’re eating out, and Ministers will be discussing with the food industry whether labelling and point of sale information can play a greater role in giving consumers a choice.

Yours sincerely, 

A Broderick
Defra - Customer Contact Unit

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Dog with Hook Through Nose                                        Dog with Hook Through Tendons 

Live Dogs & Cats Used As Shark Bait

You cannot believe what goes on around the world and thats why we are on the side of Nature and Mammals and carrying out, our Nature and Mammal Wars.

The shocking truth has now been brought to the world, that the fishermen on the French island of La Reunion, in the Indian Ocean, are using live dogs and cats as shark bait.

According to French law, it is illegal to carry out these dreadful atrocities, but the fishermen on the French island of La Reunion, believe they are above the law, as so many other wicked, cruel fishermen, do as well.

When the evil shark killers go to sea in their vessel, they take with them, these poor innocent caged cats and dogs. When they find their shark killing area, they grab one of the poor captive animals and force a hook through its nose or through its tendons on its legs. The hook is then attached to lines or a rod, the animal is then knifed so it bleeds and the animal is then thrown over board into the sea, attached to a line or rod.

The poor petrified animal then struggles and screams trying to stop itself from drowning, whilst it is struggling in the sea, it attracks the sharks, who start to eat it alive, then the cruel fishermen, pull in the half eaten animal and shark. The shark is then definned and thrown back into the sea alive.

It's not the fault of the shark. The shark just see's it as food in his territory, it's the evil humankind that is doing these horrific things. The sharks will suffer too a horrible inhumane death as well, at the hands of these evil butchers.

Email to the Cheif of Police, the French Island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean and the French Embassy in London.

Tell the cheif of police, on the French Island of La Reunion, to lock up these so called barbaric fishermen. 

Dog with Hook in Tendon

Dogs & Cats Used As Bait For Sharks