Namibia. Its starting again 1st July 2012  

 Seal Slaughter Namibia



In the dead of night, 90,000 baby seals, innocent to the world, will be clubbed and stabbed to death with their mothers milk still trickling from their little suckling mouths, at the same time, a bullet will be shot into the brains of the shocked on looking males, while the mothers scream out, watching their suffering pups dying in agony.


The permits to slaughter the seals are issued by the so called Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia, headed by Bernard Esau. The ministry claims, that the killing is done, for conservation purposes, (GreenEcoPeace Say's, "are they mad"). We believe, that it is something to do with the increased fishing quota's given to the Namibian fishermen. We are also shocked, as we are given to understand, that the Namibian government is saying, that killing the seals for their fur, provides employment.

The truth is, that the Namibian government gets just a measly $126,000 dollars out of the killings, that is $1.25c approximately per seal, is that all a beautiful seal is worth, dead. Independent reports have illustrated that compassionate eco-tourism is 300-500 times more lucrative than the cruel business of seal killing. So whats wrong with the governments thinking.

The Evil Hatem YavuzAn evil minded man who is called Mr Hatem Yavuz, who resides in Australia, is the despicable Mr Hatem and yes that's his real name, it fits just perfect. This evil man, has his eyes on rich pickings, his attitude is, to hell with the killing of 90,000 seals, he just wants the death money, from the furs, in his bank, (blood bank) as soon as he possibly can, yes, in fact, Hatem gets, $3.25 million(usd) for those innocent baby seal furs. Hatem's processing plant for baby seal skins is in Turkey, he then sells the baby seals skins to China and Russia.

Hatem Yavuz, employs approximately, 150 African locals to do his dirty work for him and he pays them a pittance of a wage, to carry out this horrific slaughter on the defenseless seals. 

The killings are done in the early hours of the morning. Then the blood and mess is cleaned up from the butchered seals. The same beach is then opened up to tourists, who would be absolute horrified, if they knew what had happened, during the night, only a few hours before. The seals that they came to see, the young being bludgeoned to death and the males being shot.

The Namibia Government allows the despicable Hatem Yavuz to kill these beautiful and endangered seals, even though the Cape Fur Seal is listed in appendix 2 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) act. The Namibia S.P.C.A has the legal powers and mandate to prevent this cruelty.

The Animal Protection Act of 1962 (Namibia) gives the Namibia S.P.C.A the power to arrest and detain anyone caught beating an animal to death.