Binky Memorial for "Binky", (Alberta), born 3 December 1923 and sadly died 11 April 2012. "Binky", fought her tribe the Makah, to stop whale killing, which had been an earlier tradition.

The Makah tribal council of Washington state, tried to apply for permission to kill five Californian whales a year. They wanted to revive the traditional kill, even though the Makah tribe had not killed a whale for nearly half a century.

It was pointed out to the Makah tribe, that they would be contravening the rules of the International Whaling Commission (IWC).Grey Whale

A small group of young Makah, wanted to start killing whales again and then sell the meat, commercially, to Japan, but of cause that is illegal.

The Makah elders, "Binky-Alberta Nora Thomspon, Jesse Ides, and Dottie Chamberlin, went to the IWC (International Whaling Commission) meeting, they went to defend the whales and oppose whale killing. When they got back, they were scorned by their own people for opposing the whalers, but "Binky" (Alberta Nora Thompson), stood her ground and she never wavered in her support for the whales and those who defended the whales.

"Binky" said, "yes my people did once kill whales, but now is the time to repay the whales for what they gave us in the past and now is the time to protect them and not kill them".

One member of the Makah tribe, Wayne Johnson, defied the ruling, that no whales should be killed and he shot a baby grey whale and ten years later he committed the same crime, but this time he was found out and arrested and convicted of illegally killing a whale.

Alberta "Binky's" courageous stand, meant to this day, that whale killing was not revived. Many many thanks to the elders of the Makah community of Neah Bay, amongst who are, "Binky"-Alberta Nora Thompson born 3 December 1923 and sadly died 11 April 2012, Jesse Ides and Dottie Chamberlin.

Alberto has been recognized internationally, for her courageous contribution to the successful effort of stopping the revival of whaling in the Continental United States.