Tara CrewAlan Marston Director of Oceans GreenEcoPeace, with the captain of the Tara (middle). The Tara has just returned after a two and a half year sea investigation around the world, covering a massive 115000 km. More than 200 people took part in the expidition.





35th Aniversary

Alan Marston and Lorna Whincop from GreenEcoPeace at the 35th Aniversary of Paul Watson's Sea Shepherd group. Major things discussed, the defence of whales, dolphins, seals and sharks, a really good evening. 






Rainbow Warrior III

Alan & Lorna directors of GreenEcoPeace visit the new Rainbow Warrior III at South Quays. They were very impressed with the environmentally friendly well thought out vessel. The vessel will do 15 knots under sail and 15 knots under power. The cost of the vessel was €33 million.




Rainbow Warrior III Arrives in LondonA Big Welcome to Greenpeace's New Rainbow Warrior III arriving in London destination West India Dock. Reason for being here Promotion and Conservation Awareness Campaign. One of the most modern and technical conservation ship on the sea today.

Picture taken by GreenEcoPeace





Steve Irwin leaves South Quays

12/9/11 The Grand Lady The Steve Irwin, Paul Watson & The Sea Sheperd Crew leaving South Quay in the direction of Tower Brige.



12/9/11 The Tower Bridge opens it's doors for the Steve Irwin to pass thorugh to moor along side HMS Belfast.

 Steve Irwin   Steve Irwin Passes Through Tower Bridge   Steve Irwin Moored Along Side HMS Belfast

The Steve Irwin after making her way through Tower Bridge is now snuggly moored up along side HMS Belfast. Two fine ladies who have faught there way through battles, Steve Irwin Whale Wars and HMS Belfast, World War II.

5/9/2011 Sea Shepherd Arriving in London



Sea Shepherd

A big sunny morning welcome to the conservation group Sea Shepherd, as it's flagship The Steve Irwin captained by Paul Watson makes it's way up the Thames to berth at South Dock, West India Docks, London.

Picture taken by GreenEcoPeace



dinner with iwfa

GreenEcoPeace getting ready for dinner with Magnus, Mat and a member of the IFAW staff at St Katherine's Dock, Tower Bridge, London

Lorna and Alan from GreenEcoPeace conservation group had a wonderful organic vegetarian meal along with members of IFAW, the meal was cooked by Lorna and we all ate on board the ocean sailing yatch, The Song of the Whale.

We had a great time and we noticed that the Captain and the technician loved Lorna's organic apple pie, infact they had second helpings and the technician had a huge second helping.

The whole meal was washed down with some excellent tasting red wine, just what we needed.

The whole conversations were geared to talking about whales, dolpins, seals, rainforests and climate change. The captain of the Song of the Whale, specialises in whale sounds and he gave us a cd of whale sounds before we left to which we thank him.

The Song of the Whale sailed to the warmer oceans, with the intensions of capturing more of the beautiful whale sounds from Beaked whales.

Paul Watson

GreenEcoPeace Alan & Lorna with Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd

It was a great evening with Captain Paul Watson from the Sea Shepherd conservation group.

GreenEcoPeace were lucky enough to meet and be guests of a very brave man Captain Paul Watson, we also had the opportunity to meet Alex and Kim who are directors of Sea Shepherd. They were lovely people and devoted to their conservation work.

It was a really good social evening, video's were being played showing daring interventions by Paul Watson and crew, to save whales, dolphins and seals.

The venue was packed to the door with dedicated Sea Shepherd supporters and the respect for Captain Paul Watson was amazing.

Nearly everybody was buying merchandise to further support Sea Shepherd.

Captain Paul Watson gave a speach to a standing ovation.

Mike Horne

GreenEcoPeace, Alan and Lorna, with world explorer Mike Horn, on board his yatch.

GreenEcoPeace Alan and Lorna enjoyed a special breakfast with world wide explorer Mike Horn.

We felt very privilaged to be guests of Mike Horn and it was really nice to meet his photographer who has been with Mike for many years. His crew too were very helpful.

We had a really special elevenses breakfast, enjoying Lorna's famous victoria sponge, it was about 8 inches thick with organic raspberry jam and butter cream oozing out everywhere.

The drink of the morning was chosen by Lorna and it turned out to be Sencha green tea, laced with a dash of peppermint.

We had a great time, we talked about Mike Horn's explorations and he very kindly gave us a cd of his explorations and some very special Mike Horn gifts.

Just before we close we would like to say, that there was not a crumb of Lorna's victoria sponge left, the crew saw to that.

GreenEcoPeace gave Mike Horn, his photographer and crew one of their conservation action packed  t-shirts (defending mammals), as we were saying our last goodbyes.

Shortly after, the amazing yatch left for Greenland. We were invited to go with Mike Horn, but sadly we were unable to, because of pressure from conservation problems. We hope to go with him another time in the future.

Alan & Lorna After Being Onboard Rainbow Warrior

Alan & Lorna after being on board the Rainbow Warrior.

Alan say's, we had a really good chat with the captain and some of the crew.

The captain was giving us some useful tips from his experience on how to intervene on pair trawling, particularly foreign trawlers who come 6 miles within our English 12 mile limit and scoop up everything living including our mammals, then they cruely defin them and throw them over board back into the sea, to slowly drown. We had a really good day and met many dedicated conservationists, we were made very welcome.



Rainbow Warrior

Alan & Lorna saying goodbye to a superb sailing ship, the Rainbow Warrior, which is owned by Greenpeace.

The ship was leaving for Holland and was later going to Poland.






Alan with Marine Biologist


On board the Skellig of Sark

It was really nice meeting Philippa Mansell who is a marine biologist spending a considerable time in Indonesia. Marine biologists are so very important to our sea world and they can tell us so much about our sea life and endangered sea life.

We drank fruit tea's and chatted around the marina and Philippa Mansell was very helpful to GreenEcoPeace.



Lorna & Alan with Paul Watson



Lorna & Alan at the Dive Show with Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd