Hung Up Alive
Hung up alive, dropped into a dirty rusty flat back truck and just 5 minutes away from the most horrifc slaughter imaginable. (Photo by Sakae Hemmi)

From Taiji, Futo, Iki, Ito & In Japan

Dolphins are one of the most loved and beautiful sea mammals in the world. They are trusting of man and do not understand the deceitful, cunning and ugly ways of the Japanese fishermen (dolphin slaugher men).

While these wonderful dolphins are swimming happily in the sea with their families and friends they are totally unaware of the evil people that are slowly surrounding them. They do not realise that their lives are in great danger. Fast speed boats slowly encroach upton them and form a half circle around them. The cruel Japanese dolphin slaughterers then start banging metal pipes to distress and confuse them. The dolphins are then slowly driven into a cove, or harbour, surrounded by a flotilla of speed boats. Once the dolphins are forced into these enscapable coves, or harbours, they are surrounded by unescapable nets. These nets are then gradually pulled tighter and tighter so the dolphins can hardly move. The dolphins know that there is something drastically wrong and become extremely shocked and stressed and begin to make emotional screaming noises and in particular if they have been separated from their young.


Dolphin Head


It's life the sea. It's fate the knife. This fun loving dolphin didn't ask for its throat to be cut. This poor dolpin had no choice!

Top Left. A dolphins carcass and dolphins cut into pieces and squashed into crates.

Some of the dolphins are driven into cove like area's where their throats are cut and some have s pears thrown into them. The waters all around then turn to red from their blood. It's so horrible that it looks just like a sickening sea of red. Other screaming dolphins are mercilessly grabbed with sharp hooks, ropes are then tied behind their struggling tail fins and they are then hauled up into the air and violently dropped onto a dirty filthy flat back rusty truck. The poor seriously injured dolphins are then driven away to face their fate in a make shift blood stained slaughter warehouse. The dolphins on arrival are then dropped off the back of the rusting truck and with no remorse their throats are cut, they are then thrown about and then butchered until dead.

There is no restrictions on how dolphins have to be slaughtered. In these hunts the fisheries Agency of Japan only advises the Japanese dolphin slaughterers to reduce the time of death by cutting its spinal cord instead of its throat. The Japanese dolphin slaughtering fishermen do not care, they butcher the poor defenceless dolphins where ever they want. See photographs and see video. There ae notices all around these killing area's, warning the public and photographers to keep out. Fishermen, police and the Fishing Agency Officials try to stop the taking of photo's and video's. See web site and click onto video.

We have all got to work together to stop the sickening killing of dolphins. It just cannot be allowed to go on. Tell the Japanese what you think.

Write or email regularly, to the Japanese Government, the Japanese Embassy London, the Prime Minister of Japan and the Japanese Ministry of Fisheries etc.

Thank you.

Email or fax the Prime Minister of Japan: Mr Naoto Kan 

Email: Kanteihp-info@cas.go.ip   Fax: +81-3-3581-3883

Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture (Futo): Mr Yoshinobu Ishikawa

Email:   Fax: +81-54-221-2164

Mayor of Ito City: Mr Hiromi Tsukuda

Email:   Fax: +81-557-36-1104

Governor of Wakayama Prefecture (Taiji): Mr Yoshiki Kimura

Email:   Fax: +81-73-423-9500

Town Mayor of Taiji: Mr Kazutaka Sangen

Fax: +81-735-59-2801

Japanese Embassy London


Our Dolphins don't deserve this fate!

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