GreenEcoPeace Appeals to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Peter Altamaier Environment, Guido Westerwelle Foreign Affairs, Sabine leutheusser-Schnarrenberger Federal Minisher of Justice and the UK Ambassador Georg Boomgaarden.  

Copy of Email sent:Angela Merkel

Dear Ms Merkel,
Many individuals, corporations and governments are trying everything they can to stop Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd group from continuing their work protecting endangered sea life and our wonderful prehistoric sea mammals.
These individuals, corporations and governments, want to continue profiting from the illegal destruction of our
ocean life, hopefully, you will know most of them. If you wish, we can forward you a list of the slaughterers.
Captain Paul Watson always puts his life last, when it comes to defending our mother earth and ocean life and he cares very much about saving our mother earth, oceans and ocean life for future generations.
Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd and GreenEcoPeace and I hope, your government and yourself, are against the horrific practice of fining sharks (slicing off the sharks fins and tails) and then throwing the poor defenseless sharks back into the sea alive to slowly drown. It’s just like having your arms and legs cut off and then being thrown into the road to die, there is no difference, we are all mammals. It is estimated that 100,000,000 sharks a year, suffer this long drawn out shocking pain and then death, just for a bowl of tasteless shark fin soup.
In the year 2002 Captain Paul Watson seized the Ecuadorian long liner ship, the San Jose, in the marine reserve. He turned the vessel over to the Costa Rican rangers and the San Jose became the first shark fining poaching vessel to be confiscated by the Costa Rican courts. The evidence Sea Shepherd gathered, helped considerably with the conviction.
Captain Paul Watson supplied equipment and supplies to the Cocos Island’s National Park Rangers, as he had already previously help the Galapagos Marine Reserve, to help against illegal poachers.
It was in the year 2002 and just two days before Sea Shepherd were scheduled to sign an historic agreement with Costa Rica, to work closely with the rangers, in the same way as Sea Shepherd works with the rangers and police in Ecuador in the Galapagos, then unfortunately, an incident occurred, between the Costa Rica fishermen, who previously Sea Shepherd had caught shark poaching and the Sea Shepherd conservationists. Unfortunately, absurd accusations from the fishing crew of the Varadero I a vessel, that Captain Watson had caught shark poaching/fining in the Guatemalan Territorial waters, suddenly seemed to bring a drastic end to the co-operation between Sea Shepherd and Costa Rica.
Gordon Ramsay is Against Shark Defining

Gordan Ramsay Famous Chef, is against Shark Fining and was attacked by Costa Rican Fishermen.

The Sea Shepherd group and GreenEcoPeace consider the Cocos Island to be one of the most treasured marine eco-systems in the world, where there should be no abuse of sea mammals and should be fully protected.
I understand that Sea Shepherd, has video evidence, log books and crew witnesses to the events.
Now it appears, that for whatever reason the Costa Rica government wants to have Paul Watson arrested for an apparently invented alleged incident in 2002.
At the moment Paul Watson is being held in Germany against his wishes, and on the instructions of the Costa Rican government. Germany can make the decision to end the extradition proceedings and hopefully the Costa Rican government can be persuaded to drop these ridiculous charges and make a decision to withdraw the extradition.
GreenEcoPeace would like to point out that there is no case in our opinion to hold Paul Watson a prisoner. He is the world’s greatest protector of ocean life and he was in the year 2002 actually working with the Costa Rican government where an agreement was due to be signed.
Special Notes
The poaching vessel that Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd caught fining sharks (the Varadero I) crew, had a confrontation (which appeared deliberate), with the Sea Shepherd conservationists in 2002. This is the vessel that Sea Shepherd caught fining sharks.
There were no injuries and there was no property damage whatsoever, but the Costa Rican, poaching shark killers, appear to have deliberately prefabricated evidence and accused Paul Watson and the conservation group Sea Shepherd, of endangering life.
Sea Shepherd has all the video evidence, as previously stated.
Paul Watson/Sea Shepherd group, was given permission to intervene to stop the killing/fining of sharks, by the Guatemalan government. No one was injured and there was no property damage. The Costa Rican poachers accused Sea Shepherd conservationists of endangering their lives. In our opinion, this is absurd, as Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd group, has a reputation for not endangering life.
We are given to understand that Germany does not have an extradition treaty with Costa Rica.
We are also given to understand that Interpol had dismissed the extradition warrant as being politically motivated.
Why did the Costa Rica government make a complaint to Germany 10 years later?
We would be very grateful, if you could do all that you can, to free Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd conservation group, as he is the only man on the planet, actually out on the sea continually with his conservation crew, helping to save our sea mammals from horrific slaughter.
Thank you.
We would be grateful for your response.
Kind regards.
Alan Marston
Director Oceans
World Wide Marine Mammal Protection & Conservation Watch
& Against Cruelty to Animals (ACTA)