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28th February 2012

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are GreenEcoPeace World Wide Marine and Conservation Watch and Against Cruelty to Animals (ACTA).

We are shocked to hear from the China Daily newspaper that you have transported five live dolphins by aircraft, in a coffin like container, from Osaka Japan to Hanoi Vietnam for a massive dirty money fee of HKD 875,000 (approx $110,000).

The capturing of dolphins for entertaining is the reason for the horrific mass slaughter of 1000’s of innocent dolphins yearly, in Taiji Japan. The dolphins that are not accepted for a cruel life in circuses and entertainment are butchered alive then chopped up into pieces for consumption and often at the slaughter, children watch the live butchering. Please see the video, filmed live, on our website under video’s or see the DVD The Cove, which is on world release.

By transporting these innocent creatures, you are encouraging the slaughter of sentient innocent dolphins.

If you-we, can stop this type of international transportation, this should then stop the captive trade and therefore, if there is no dolphin trade, there will be no dolphin slaughter, as the money will have disappeared.

In a recent meeting by scientists at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Vancouver, Canada, the worlds biggest science conference, it was stated “that every individual cetacean (whale, dolphin etc) has the right to life”. “No cetacean should be held captive or servitude, be subject to cruel treatment, or be removed from their natural environment, and no cetacean is the property of any state, corporation, human group, or individual”.

The worlds biggest science group went on to say, “that dolphins, whales, cetaceans etc should be treated as non-human “persons” and their liberty fully respected”. The scientists have shown, that dolphins and whales, have large complex brains and a human-like level of self awareness. This has lead the scientists to conclude, that although non-human, dolphins and whales etc are “people” in a philosophical sense–non human persons.

We hear at GreenEcoPeace as well as being in world conservation, are whale, dolphin-mammal medics. We help them back into the sea, we don’t appreciate those who help them onto airlines for a life of cruel entertainment and captivity.

Hoping you will co-operate and we would appreciate an early reply. Kind regards.

Alan Marston
Co-ordination Director
World Wide Marine & Conservation Watch & Against Cruelty to Animals (ACTA)
Reply received 15th March 2012 from Hong Kong Airlines Uk 
Dear Mr Moston

Following your enquiry Hong Kong Airlines has asked us to send you the attached statement.

Warm wishes


Gail Palmer



Reply from Hong Kong Airlines Uk