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10/12/11 Green Leader Bob Brown Defends Whales

09/12/11 Japan Suing Conservationists in USA 

07/12/11 Japan Shameful & Blackmail. Greenpeace

06/12/11 Japanese Whale Killing Ships Leave 

19/02/11 Whaling It's Over It's Over It's Over  

29/01/11 Japanese Whaling Fleet on the Run  

28/01/11 Attempt to Charge Conservationists 

26/01/11 Amazing Disentanglement of North Atlantic Right Whale 

08/01/11 Diplomats Quick to Put Japan in the Clear Over Sinking 

07/01/11 Foreign Affairs Chased Whaling Compromise 

06/01/11 Looks Like a Ramming by the Japs into Conservationists 

05/01/11 Japanese Whale Killers Troubling Conservationists 

05/01/11 'Doomed' Whaling Fight Aimed at Saving Labour Vote 

04/01/11 WikiLeaks Secret Dealings on Whale Hunt  

01/01/11 Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Killers  

30/11/10 Japanese Whaling Fleet Still in Harbour 

12/09/10 Helping to Save Whales Lives 

Australia's Pledge to Challenge Japan 

08/08/10 Australia's Green Party's Bob Brown 

19/07/10 Shocking Appalling Disgusting Faeroe Islanders are 

12/07/10 Nasty Dealings Endangered Whale Slaughter 

12/07/10 Sea Turtles Will No Longer Be Burned 

15/06/10 Flights Girls & Cash buy Japan Whaling 

31/05/10 Supersonic Whale Killing Fleet 

26/05/10 Office of Hon Murray McCully 

04/05/10 Profound Decline In Fish Stocks

01/05/10 Bluefin Tuna Highly Endangered 

April 10   Endangered Sharks. Species remain Unprotected 

27/03/10 Email sent to Hon Mr McCully 

01/03/10 Reply from Mr McCully 

01/03/10 Ocean Science Whales & Carbon 

28/02/10 Whaling 'Worsens' carbon release 

22/02/10 Orangutan Survival and the Shopping Trolley 

04/02/10 Rudd Urged to Support Ban On Whaler's Spy Flights 

25/01/10 Mass Strandings at Port Levy, New Zealand 

Email sent to Mr McCully New Zealand minister of Foreign Affairs 11th January 2010 

06/01/10 Earth Race (Ady Gil) Rammed by Japs, Sinking 

22/12/09 Japs Attack Conservationists 

21/12/09 Japan's Shonan Maru No 2 Shadows Conservationists 

07/12/09 Pollution Destroying Our Sea's 

03/12/09 Global Warming 

27/11/09 Whales Dolphins Porpoises Strangled   

22/11/09 Our Preditors are Disappearing 

15/11/09 Our Oceans are Dying 

10/11/09 We are slowly Destroying our Earth 

30/10/09 United Kingdom Kills Seals

26/10/09 Climate change May Be A Battle Lost Unless...

23/10/09 Marine Disaster Unfolds in Timor Sea 

16/10/09 Toxic Tar Sands A Danger 

14/09/09 Humpback Whale Dead in Thames

07/09/09 Harmful Ocean Noises

01/09/09 Weeping Arctic Ice 

22/08/09 Coal Eating Bugs - New Research 

13/08/09 Deforestation

9/08/09 UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen

2/08/09 Northern Bottlenose Whale Trappen in Cromary Harbour 

27/07/09 Seal Product Ban

16/07/09 Namibia Seal Slaughter

9/07/09 John O'Groats Seal Pup Rescue 

22/06/09 BBC News, Whales, Major Differences 

22/06/09 Costa Rica Shark Killers Ecological Destroyers 

17/06/09 New Scientist Condemd Japanese Whaling 

1/06/09 South Africa Mike Meyer Shoots 44 Whales  

1/06/09 Queens Governor General Ate Seals Heart

26/05/09 22.40 GMT, First Whale Murdered, Iceland 

22/05/09 GreenEcoPeace Helps Stop Tanked Whale Sharks

12/05/09 USA Seal War with Canada 

 6/05/09 Years of Campaigning, Victory for the Seals  

29/04/09 European Decission On Seal Product Ban

23/04/09 Shock from Japanese Whaling Industry 

22/04/09 Bottom Sea Trawling Destroying UK Seabeds 

  9/04/09 Icy Waters, Greenland Rare Deep Sea Sharks 

31/03/09 Canada 30,000 Baby Seals Dead, 340,000 to Die 

24/03/09 Humanity Causes 50 Billion Tons of CO2 Yearly, Serious! 

15/03/09 Evidence of Illegal Porpoise Killing, Mutilated, Thrown Back into Sea 

 8/03/09 Crime Fishing Syndicates - Scurge of our Seas

 2/03/09 Whales Stranded in Tasmania  

27/02/09 Baby Seals Born To Die In Their Blood 

24/02/09 Whales For Trees, Is Japan Threatening Australia? 

22/02/09 Screaming Whale, Hunted, Shot By Japanese 

16/02/09 Indonesia, More Coal Fired Plants, Polluting our World 

  7/02/09 Iceland's Bloody Future

  2/02/09 Emperor Penguin's Heading Towards Extinction  

26/01/09 Tasmania, 48 Whales Die On Beach   

22/01/09 Whales On Earth 199 Million Years, Worth Only £99,000   

20/01/09 Glenn Inwood, N.Z Traitor To The Whales

16/01/09 Indonesia, Get Out Yushin Maru 2, No Repairs

14/01/09 Indonesia Delaying Repair of Japanese Whaler 

  9/01/09 George Bush's Goodbye Present To Conservation

  6/01/09 Japanese Whale Killer Ship. Man Overboard  

  3/01/09 Uk & Scotland Killing Seals, Shocking Truth  

31/12/08 Polar Bears In Serious Trouble   

27/12/08 Japanese Whalers Flee Out of Australian Waters 

26/12/08 Japanese Whalers Strikes Conservation Ship 

20/12/08 Japanese Whalers Found Illegally Hunting Whales 

18/12/08 Japan Needs Lesson From Australia & New Zealand 

13/12/08 Canada 500 Whales Slaughtered By Inuit 

 9/12/08 Japan Whalers Getting Closer To The Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary For Whales

 5/12/08 Worrying News. Arctic Ice Shelf Now Split In Three

 2/12/08 Norway another 1000 Whale Slaughtering Killing Nation Ignoring CITES

23/11/08 From IWC No Commercial Whaling Japan In The Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales

17/11/08 The Japanese Whaling Fleet Leave Innoshima Japan For The Kill 

 5/11/08 The Japanese Oriental Bluebird The Illegal Refueling Whale Meat Carrying Ship Had Been Deflagged 

 3/11/08 Yahoo Exposed! Yahoo Involved In Shark Dismembering 

29/10/08 Two Planets May Be Needed By 2030 To Support Humans 

25/10/08 Japan Makes A Mockery Of The Antarctic Treaty 

 7/10/08 Japanese Preparing To Kill Over 1000 Whales  

25/9/08 The Largest Remaining Tropical Rainforest In The World Is Threatened

21/9/08 Amazon Rainforest Soya Moratorium Extended A Further Year

19/9/08 Fate Of The Worlds Whales. Meeting With George W Bush's Appointee Bill Hogarth

11/9/08 Japanese Try To Undermine Authority Of The International Whaling Commission

28/8/08 Japanese Government Prepares Special Anti-Conservation Ship Laws

27/8/08 The Cruel Japanese Have Just Stabbed To Death 212 Whales In The North Pacific

26/8/08 Norweigens Hunting Whales To Extinction

22/8/08 The Australians Deliberately Kills Baby Whale Called Collette

12/8/08 Japs Bribe More Poorer Nations To Vote For Whale Slaugher, Benin, Garbon, Tovalu & Nauru

 6/8/08 Rainforest Crime. President Barraso, Urged To Approve Strone EU Law NOW

 1/8/08 Rescuers Fail To Save 35ft Northern Bottlenose Whale In Langstone Harbour

25/7/08 Cruel Seal Hunting Products Must Not Be Allowed To Enter EU

16/7/08 Japan-Aomori, Conservationists Expose Nisshin Maru Whale Meat Thieves. Then Are Jailed

 7/7/08 Rainforest, New Figures Just Out Approximately Over 100 Acres Destroyed Per Minute

28/6/08 Japanese Children Watch Whales Being Slaughtered

27/6/08 Day 5 Of The 60th International Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago, Chile

26/6/08 Day 4 Of The 60th International Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago, Chile

25/6/08 Day 3 Of The 60th International Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago, Chile

24/6/08 Day 2 Of The 60th Internaitonal Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago, Chile

23/6/08 The 60th Meeting Of The International Whaling Commission Opens In Santiago, Chile

23/6/08 GreenEcoPeace Have Emailed Over 34 Pro-Whaling Nations

23/6/08 Dolphin Spotted In The Clyde, Tangled In Plastic, Surrounded By Litter

16/6/08 Whales, Dolphins & Seals Of The World May Be Facing Growing Sonic Threat

12/6/08 Double Crossing Denmark, In European Union But The Only European Nation Abstaining

11/6/08 Police Investigation. Whale Meat Scandal In Japan

 9/6/08 Mass Strandings Of 30 Striped Dolphins In The Percnil River, Porth Creek, Cornwall

 7/6/08 St Bees Near Whitehaven Cumbria Porpois & Dolphin Found Dead

 6/6/08 Europe Joins Together In Defence Of The Whales

 4/6/08 Embassy Demonstration, Japanese End Up Paying Most Of London Court Costs

 3/6/08 BBC Confirm That Norwary & Iceland Illegally Export Whale Meat To Japan

25/5/08 BioFuels UK Governments Approach May Be Wrong

21/5/08 Iceland Government, Authorises Icelandic Whalers To Slaughter Whales

15/5/08 Big Brother Japan, Monitor By Satalite Anti-Whaling Ships, In The Antarctic

12/5/08 Japan. Whale Meat Scam. A Major Conspiracy Of Corruption

11/5/08 Is The Japanese Whaling Industry Controlled By The Japanese Yakusa (Mafia)

 6/5/08 Norwegians Just As Bad As Japs. Norway Will Kill 1052 Whales In 2008

28/4/08 Canadian Seal Slaughter Every Spring, Two Wolds Collide

20/4/08 Conservation Ship Towed Into Sydney Nova Scotia At Gun Point Is Still Under Seige

18/4/08 Canadian Fisheriers Minister Loyola Hearn, Lies & Relies On Newfoundland Seal Killers Vote

14/4/08 Nisshin Maru & 5 Shamed Japanese Research Whale Killing Ships Arrive Back In Tokyo Japan

12/4/08 Great News Sea Horses Are Now Increasing & Returning In The Thames

11/4/08 Grey Whale Unlawfully Harpooned & Shot, An Agonising Death Over 10 Hours

10/4/08 Oceans Warming Up Faster Than Predicted

 5/4/08 Tide Of Plastic Threatens Sea Species Whales, Dolphins, Seals, Sea Birds, Turtles etc

 2/4/08 Oriental Bluebird Docked In Tokyo Bay With Cargo Off Illegal Whale Meat

30/3/08 Irresponisble Canadian Coast Guard Ship, Accused Of Incompetance & Ramming

28/3/08 Cruel Seal Killing & Skinning Alive Of Seals Is Underway Canadian Government Hiding Truth

21/3/08 Serious Setback Iceland's Minke Whaling Association, Requests Whale Killing Quota

16/3/08 Canada, Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn Applauds Newfoundlands Seal Killing Celebrations

15/3/08 GreenEcoPeace Joins Forces In UK To Help Save Canadian Seals

14/3/08 Nature Produces A Storm, To Protect It's Whales Against The Japanese Whale Killers

11/3/08 Conservation Ship Steve Irwin Returning. Greenpeace Sad Not To Go Back To The Antarctic

10/3/08 Serious Words, From The Australian Government, To The International Whaling Commission

 9/3/08 International Meeting. Future Of International Whaling Commission. 6-8 March 08 London

 9/3/08 Whales, Japanese Lies, Videotapes & IWC Commentary By Captain Paul Watson

 8/3/08 Japanese Armed Guards Shoot Conservation Ship Captain Whilst He Was Protecting Whales

 7/3/08 Conservationists Their Ships, Anti-Whaling Governments & The Public Reduce Whale Killings

 4/3/08 The Nisshin Maru The Worlds Largest Whale Slaughter House Ship Is Found In The Antarctic

 1/3/08 Swans Killed & Eaten On Olympic Site

28/2/08 Motorbikes Bigger Polluters Than Cars, GreenEcoPeace Gives You The Facts

25/2/08 Conservation Vessel The Steve Irwin Still Out There In The Antarctic Stopping Whaling

20/2/08 Shocking News More Whale & Dolphin Slaughtering On A Huge Scale

16/2/08 Big Finanacial Problems For The Whale Slaughtering, Institute Of Cetacean Research Japan

 8/2/08 Japanese Whale Slaughters Slay Mother & Bay Whale, Australian Government Appauld

 3/2/ 08 Climate Campaigner Scottish Finance Minister John Swinney Leaves Car Enginge Running

 1/2/08 Japanese Kill 5 Whales In The Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary For Whales

30/1/08 Esperanza & Steve Irwin Ships Return, Leaving The Whales To The Japanese Whale Killers

30/1/08 Japanese Armed Guards Protecting Japanese Whalers

18/1/08 Whale Killing, Japanese Hostage Saga, GreenEcoPeace Helps In Their Release

15/1/08 Japanese Whalers Take British & Australian Hostage

13/1/08 Second Conservation Ship Nearing Japanese Whalers

12/1/08 Australia's Oceanic Viking Chasing Japanese Whalers

11/1/08 Japanese Whaling Fleet Found

29/12/07 Sharks Kill Many People. Really?

22/12/07 GreenEcoPeace Has Helped, Stop Humpback Whaling

15/12/07 Humpback Whale Found Dead

 9/12/07 Australian Naval Vessel May Enter Antarctica

 9/12/07 Climate Change Demonstration

27/11/07 Minke Whale Stranded Amazon Tapajos River Brazil

19/11/07 Japanese Whaling Ships Headed By The Nisshin Maru Left Shimonoseki Japan For The Antarctic

15/11/07 Baby Seal Disaster Northern Hares Near The Farne Isles Northumberland

15/11/07 Orkney Isle Hooded Seals, Swims To Spain

14/11/07 UK Baby Seals Swept Out To Sea

22/10/07 Massacre Of 83 Dolphins On The Coast Of Macapa Brazil

15/10/07 Entangled Dolphin In Crab Trap Line

12/10/07 Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

 9/10/07 A Hooded Seal Returned To The Sea From The Orkney Isles

 2/10/07 Hooded Seals Saved & Directed To Their Home Land

29/9/07 Sherwood Forest, Nottingham

12/9/07 The Pulling Off Of Crabs Claws & The Pain They May Suffer

 3/9/07 Two Common Seals Saved & Sent To Denmark

 1/9/07 Norwegian Whaling Ship Sunk

15/8/07 Tower Bridge River Pollution

11/8/07 Dolphin Cound Be In Danger

 4/8/07 Missing Dolphins On The Brixham Side Of The Coast Devon

 3/8/07 Whale Saved Fraserbugh Harbour Scotland

 1/7/07  C3 (Sea 3) Awareness & Environment Campaign

24/5/07 Yangtzse River Dolphin (Baiji)

 1/5/07 Better Protection Needed For Our Seals

 6/4/07 Experiences From Our Colleagues