Canadian Government says, "Kill, Kill, Kill the seals and their babies".Canadian Seal Killer

This is an order from the Canadian Government.

The Shocking Truth!

Our conservation colleague, Rebecca Aldworth, has just witnessed on the ice, the killing of adult and baby seals in the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Rebecca said, "that it was horrendous", chokingly Rebecca had to watch it, to film it, to show the world what was going on. If she had intervened, the seal killers may have seriously attacked her, as previously, conservationist, Paul Watson, had been attacked and also his colleagues.

This disgusting kill, was just paving the way, to the massive kill quota of 400,000 seals and baby seals, authorized by the mad Canadian Government, who seem to have zero respect for our sea mammal seals and even knowing that most of the kill, will be baby seals, just a few weeks old.

The Canadian Government is so obsessed with killing seals, that they are offering around $3.5 million to make sure that thousands of seals are killed, obliterated and skinned. Sadly, most are skinned alive!

What government, would authorize such killings.

The Canadian Government