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A greedy cruel seal slaughter, no respect for life just money. It's sadly their last goodbye! goodbye world. A short time after this photogaph they would have both been slaughtered. (Photo by IFAW)

seal killing                 seal killing

New foundland slaughters bring in more baby seals to the main slaughter boat for skinning alive. Seal killers shoot baby seals, leaving them wounded and then gaff hook them to the slaughter boat.  

seal killing                   seal killing 

After being skinned alive, baby seals skinless bodies left everywhere on the ice, a bloody sight a bloody mess. 

                                    seal killing

                                                         Photo's by Greg Hager.

The Farley Mowat ship in the background owned by Sea Shepherd, was later illegally confiscated at gunpoint by the Canadian government in International Waters for daring to film the seal slaughter.

This disgusting filthy business of barbaric slaughter, has got to stop.

5th May 2009. GREAT NEWS GREAT NEWS, VICTORY FOR THE SEALS. Europe bans the import of all European Seal Products. GreenEcoPeace has been a major player along with other conservation groups in campaigning for the ban in European Seal Products. See current news for more. It is hoped now that the European decision could spell the end of the approximate 300,000 a year seal slaughter. Thank you to senator MacHarb who has been the only Canadian politician to stand up for the seals and against the seal slaughter and a big thank you Euro Parliament.

20th April 2009 from our Intelligence Service

Now over 50,000 baby seals have been slaughtered and the Canadian government are telling deceitful lies about seals. The Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans say that the poor seal is a preditor of cod. But there is no justification for this theory. The worlds leading authority on Harp Seals, Dr David Lavigne says "Harp seals only utilize young cod for approximately 3% of their diet and of greater concern is, that many of the other fish that comprimise the remaining 97% of the seals diet, are themselves preditors of young cod. If you kill the harp seal, the return of the cod may be severly hindered and not helped, because there will be a significant increase in preditory fish hunting for the cod", or what is left of the cod after the giant trawlers have taken most of the cod.

The Canadian D.F.O. was responsible for the mismanagement of the cod and it was not the seals.

The Canadian government is covering up their mismanagement and putting the blame on the poor seals, this is wrong. The Canadian government then allows the disgrunted fishermen to kill seals and subsidise the killing of each seal, just to keep the New Foundland fishermen (seal killers), happy. That then helps to keep the government in power, by attracting their votes.

In the last 4 years the Canadian government has ordered the barbaric slaughter of well over 1 million seals. Now because of these killings, there is bacteria infestation on the ocean floor causing hyproxia (disolved oxygen loss), which contributes to unsustainable cod, fish and marine life. Kill the killings by the Canadian government and stop the killing of our innocent seals.

Seals were in harmony with cod long before Canada was even thought of.

9th April 2009 from our Intelligence Service        

The Blood of A Baby SealThe baby seals wriggle across the ice, blood trailing behind them. You hear their cries, you see them trying to escape, you smell the blood and you feel their terror. Many baby seals die a horrible death, as sealers shoot at the terrified babies, then descend on the wounded struggling animals with wooden bats with nail heads.

There was a agonizing assault on one baby seal. The pup sniffed the air as if sensing danger, he looked around and then the first bullet hit him. You could hear his screams as the baby seal tried to crawl away but another bullet hit his flesh. Then a third, fourth and fifth bullet hit him, screaming and badly injured he wriggled into the water. He did not come back up, he would have bled to death.



     The HSUS/Glover photo

4th April 2009 from our Intelligence Service.

Approximately 25,000 innocent baby seals have been savagely slaughtered with no remorse on the ice with nail sticks (hakapics) in Canada todate and many other baby seal puppies have been badly injured after managing to escape off the ice into the water. These lovely cuddly baby seals then slowly drown. Thousands of innocent seal puppies are now lying on the ice alive slowly dieing with their little furry coats ripped off and their skinless bodies will lye on the ice until they freeze to death.

New Foundland baby seal slaughters - kill. The Canadian government sponsors the kill. 

Remember Herod!  

31st March 2009, Canada's Magdalen Islands quota full but still killing seals.

The quota for seal killing has been reached for the Magalen Islands but the cruel seal killers 8 in all, found a group of baby seals learning to swim, they smashed the heads of every single one, using Hakapics (a nail at the end of a stick). The seal killers were whistling and singing whilst they were stabing the heads of baby seals with the nail sticks.

Another 1000 seals were killed and skined alive today. Their furless bodies left to wrigle on the ice until they slowly bled to death.

Cruel Canada to Kill Astonishingly 340,000 seals. Canada has just started to kill its first baby seals, the time 6.49 a.m. today, the 24th March 2009.

The new fisheries minister Gail Shea is even worse than the last one, Loyola Hearn. She has added at the flick of a finger, another 50,000 seals to the kill and to include, Grey Seals and Hooded Seals.

The Canadian bureaucrates and the politicians are paid to deny the reality and when asked about the cruel seal slaughter the fisheries ministers usually say, "It is all properly and well managed and humane, and yet the government knows about the bashing out of the brains of the little baby seals, they also know that the baby seals don't have a chance, because they can't even swim and are totally helpless and they have to stay on the ice, or they will drown.

Spike ended clubs are struck into the seals, then there warm little furry coat is ripped off them whilst they are still alive. There bleeding furless bodies are then stock piled on the ice, to rot. The seals scream out in horrific pain, then bleed to death.

When the Canadian ministers are asked: "have you watched the sickening seal Slaughter", their answer is always cowardly NO.

Next month our fingers crossed! Europe it is hoped, will pass a bill banning the imports of all seal products. Seal products have been banned in the USA since 1972 and now President Putin of Russia has banned in his country the slaughtering of baby seals and the Irish parliament has now banned the import of all seal pelts. UK government is against the killing of baby seals in Canada and the Canadian senate, senator MacHarb has drafted a motion to try and end the slaughter, although only the Green party has had the courage to speak out against the killing.

GreenEcoPeace are doing all they can to end the seal killing in Canada. But we are now also faced with seal killing in the UK, particuarly amongst the Scottish fishing industry. We are now fighting for a law, to protect our very own seals.

Global warming is now becoming a major factor in the survival of seals, as sea temperatures are rising in the Newfoundland area, the Labrador Shelf off Canada's East Coast and Scotian Shelf. The sea temperatures are rising by a staggering 0.89C to 1.04C, some of the highest temperature rises of anywhere in the world (figures by the Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts and Islands, temperature increases from 1982 - 2006).

The mother seals need the ice flow to have their babies. The baby seals survival depends on the ice until they can swim, or they will drown.

Seals are still having to face slaughter and now the real threat of global warming which could lead to extinction in not so many years to come. 

We cannot afford to loose any more seals.

In spring on the East Coast of Canada you will see one of the worlds most beautiful wildlife spectacles. Female Harp Seals gather on newly formed ice to give birth to their pups. The newly born pups are transformed into fat fluffy little snow white pups in just about 1 week. After 12 days the pups remain on the ice and their mums go off to mate again. Then just a few days later this beautiful ice wonderland is transformed into a factory for unimaginable killing of baby seals and seals. Inhuman sealer slaughterers, descend on the seals in boats, helicopters and snowmobiles, all armed with nailed clubs and guns and with one thing in mind, Money and the wholesale slaughter of seals.

The horrific slaughter of these beautiful gentle seals and their babies for their fur, is nothing else but horrific and barbaric and believe it or not it is authorised by the Canadian Government.

If you knew how these lovable seals suffered, it would tear your heart out. Most of the seals that have been struck by a lethal nailed club are wounded, they are then dragged to a killer seal ship where they are mostly skinned alive. Others are ruthlessly shot in the water, mostly injured and then dragged by hooks onto the ice, this is done by men with no conscious and no mercy. The seals try in vane to get away, they struggle, their little flippers anxiously wriggling from side to side, they try to get away from the knife that is just about to rip open their throats and then slowly remove their skins. Their cry for help you would remember forever and then the sudden stillness, you would never ever forget.

Over the last 3 years a staggering, approx 1 million of these innocent seals, have been slaughtered for money!

                                   protest in London

GreenEcoPeace with Tommy an English Bullmastiff our mascot, along with IFAW, Sea Shepherd and campaigners protesting against the despicable seal slaughter, outside of the Canadian Embassy, No 5 Trafalgar Square, London, W1.

Follow your conscious and please write or email to:- 

Please write to the Prime Ministers Office Canada, Office of the Prime Minister, 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Canada, K1A 0A2.


The Honourable Loyola Hearn at:- House of Commons Canada, Minister of Fisheries & Oceans, Parliament Buildings, Wellington Street, Ottawa, Canada, K1A 0A6.



Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Communication Branch, 200 Kent Street, 13th Floor, Stations 13228, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0E6.


and tell them to stop this mass killing, of our innocent endangered seals, now! Thank you



 Baby Seal Skinned Alive
A baby seal skinned alive,what 
wrong has this poor little fellow done to deserve this. (Photo by IFAW S Cook)

The Canadian government insists that the annual  seal hunt is an animal production industry.

The Canadian government say’s “seal and baby seal killings are not a pretty site, its just an abattoir on ice” but the unbelievable levels of suffering would not be tolerated by any other animal industry in the world.

By Ian Robinson, British veterinarian.


A British newspaper wrote a story about the seal hunt. The members of the United Kingdom Parliament was so shocked about these horrific allegations of seals being skinned alive on the now blood stained ice flows off Canada’s east coast, that they took a stand against the hunt, with an early day motion (EDM). A formal demonstration of solidarity on a particular issue that British MP’s can sign onto. 160 MP’s signed on, which resulted in a formal debate in the House of Commons on the issue. MP’s issued strong statements condemning the hunt as cruel and unjust.

The British foreign office minister Mike O’Brien conducted the debate by stating that the United Kingdom would use its diplomatic weight to pressure the Canadian government to end the seal hunt. Several nations have taken action to stop the import of seal products in Europe. In January, Belgium became the first EU Nation to pass a national ban, followed by Germany’s announcement to institute its own ban. The UK Government recently announced it would support the introduction of an EU wide ban. Unfortunately this will take time. We can with your support, put pressure on the Canadian government to stop seal slaughtering.

Over 600 videos have been submitted showing that there has been no regard for Canada's marine mammal regulations. The videos have been sent to the Canadian department of Fisheries and Oceans. These horrific abuses include, skinning and bleeding of live seals, stock piling dead or dying seals, dragging live seals across the ice with sharp ended steel hoods and shooting seals and leaving them to suffer. To date there has been no response from the Canadian government, or cruelty charges made against the seal killers. In my opinion these seal killers are nothing but murderers. But worse, they cut up their victims while still alive!

Sample Emails that may help you.

GreenEcoPeace relies solely on Donations & Donations for merchandise from people like you. Please help us to wipe out this filthy bloody business. Thank you.

Together we will win.