The Filthy Business of Japanese Inhumane Killing of Whales & Dolphins Disgusting Beyond Belief.

Pilot Whale Slaughter Taiji

Pilot whales being driven into the cove with underwater killer divers wrapping ropes around their tales & then dragging them onto the shore or boats & then stabbing them to death to be sold as meat, the biggest being chosen first.

Japan is one of the cruelest nations on earth from the way they treated our soldiers in World War II to the way they are still mascaraing our humans of the ocean, our whales, dolphins & sharks.

Our colleagues, Paul Watson Sea Shepherd send live streaming of these shocking events & if the conservationists step just a little out of line in Tiji they are arrested by Japanese police. This senseless killing is nothing more than corruption. The death of our beautiful sea mammals for money, greed & selfishness, mothers killed babies left to die separated.

We are please to announce that the Japanese TV and mobile phone industry is slowly going down the nick, hopefully, we hope that some how nature is taking it's revenge on Japan and in particular, the way that nature has just thrown it's wrath in the form of a massive Tsunami at Japan.

Can you imagine what the whales, dolphins and sharks are going through, tying to get away and knowing with their high intelligence, that its their turn to be killed next. We have just witnessed the slaughtering via live stream of pilot whales and their sentient gentle bodies being transfered by boats to the butcher house, seconds earlier they were alive and swimming happily with their families. Our hearts go out to the conservationists who had to watch these sickening events, in able to live stream the evidence to us..