Dolphins Force Fed at Taiji

Japanese dolphin killer fishermen, forced a group (pod) of dolphins to split, leaving just two. This happened just a short distance out to sea from Taiji, Japan. The Japanese used 6 killer dolphin boats and 10 divers to grab the dolphins in the sea. The white sided dolphins tried hard to get away, fighting for their freedom, but covered in blood and trapped in un-escapable nets, they just gave up in the end from exhaustion, but not before putting up a massive fight.

The cruel Japanese fishermen then brutally hauled the two dolphins tangled up in nets, into a skiff boat, with no feelings or remorse. They then made for the shore, where they dumped the poor dolphins into a holding pond-pen, pending slaughter, or a life in a circus or prison entertainment, being glared at and in captivity. Its freedom now doomed and lost forever.

Once in the pond-pen, as the dolphins won't eat dead fish, the two dolphins had pipes rammed down their throats and they were force fed. They tried to resist, fighting against it and splashing, but held down by the Japanese they had no chance at all.

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